For Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali


 May their souls indeed soar,

 In the clouds high above,

 May their journeys be swift,

 To embrace G-d’s pure love,


 May their parents inside know,

 Their sons were in fact called,

 Their work here on earth was done,

 And they no longer need be stalled,


 May our people understand,

 The three’s spirits will live on,

 In our hearts and in our minds,

 And ne’er will they ever be truly gone,


 May our prayers be clearly heard,

 As we praise G-d’s good grace,

 May our declaration of faith,

 Transcend all time and all space.


 Baruch dayan emet


 ~ Me <3


 ~ inspired by love for our people


 ( Please Note: for any new readers, “~ Me <3” is my poet’s signature and my words are all original. Please feel free to share, if you are so inclined. Am Yisra’el Chai)