There’s a genocide happening right now as we speak, and nobody’s doing a damn thing about it.

It’s reportedly being conducted by the Myanmar government against the Rohingya, a primarily Muslim ethnic group that is being decimated, witnesses say, in the most horrific ways. There have been shootings. There have been drownings. And children have been murdered. Children.

Are you feeling sick yet?

Right now, thousands of Rohingya have been displaced from their villages and are on their way to neighboring Bangladesh, which may offer little hope for a better life. But this violence shouldn’t be going on in the first place, and we, as Jews, need to do something about it.

What can we do? you may ask. Well, we can call or write to the Israeli government and urge it to cut off ties to Myanmar until it stops persecution of the Rohingya. Israel has an embassy in Yangon. It needs to know that relations with Myanmar are unacceptable as long as the genocide continues.

And genocide it is. It is reminiscent of what happened to us, my fellow Jews, during the Holocaust. The attacks, both physical and verbal, on the Rohingya bring to mind the anti-Semitic campaigns by the Nazis during the Third Reich. Myanmar state media have reportedly called Rohingya Muslims “human fleas.” That’s Nazi-esque, folks. That’s disturbing, hateful stuff. That’s a condemnation of a population. Who the hell thinks that’s right?

Myanmar state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has not addressed this appalling course of events correctly and even has underplayed it, reportedly calling the allegations “misinformation.” It’s high time she understood how wrong she is … and encouraging the Israeli government to abandon ties with Myanmar is the best way to let her know. Please take action in this regard. As Jews who have been through persecution in the past and continue to experience it, shouldn’t we be the first to condemn it?

The Israeli embassy in Yangon can be reached by phone at (+95) 1 515 115 or via email at Its address: 15 Khabaung St., Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Please. Let us not subscribe to the spins of those who wish to destroy populations. Let us only adhere to the tenets of righteousness and justice.

It is righteous to condemn the Rohingya genocide. And it will be justice for Israel to show that it can do so … at least, a little bit of justice.

Hopefully, more in the near future will help prevent further atrocities from taking place.