The other day innocent civilians were murdered by Arab terrorists in Israel while sitting at their Shabbat meal. Most of the liberal media did not report on this incident and certainly except for the Jews, I doubt most of the world cares.

We have learned nothing from the Holocaust. The world sat in silence while six million died. The NY Times and London Times, even though they knew mass murder was occurring by the end of 1942, wrote very little about it. Instead of protesting about the separation of men and women praying at the kotel and threatening to hold back donations to Israel, liberal Jews should protest the anti Semitism and anti Zionism prevalent throughout the world. If you look at the various newspapers we see stories about Lakewood pious Jews and medicare fraud. The story is repeated over and over.

Last week the same story regarding an orthodox Jew molesting a child was blasted daily in the local secular newspaper. In both cases, what the Jews did was a desecration, however the responses by readers are totally anti-Semitic. Politicians believe that Jared Ivanka run the white house and are making a fortune. Read today’s papers. Jews, are you blind? Don’t you recognize that anti-Semitism is rising daily. W it is nice to join with Muslims for Shabbat dinner, it is nicer to protect our fellow Jews when they are massacred at their own Shabbat dinner.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg