Naftali Bennett
There are many negative words that the left and biased media wrongly use to describe the head of the Jewish Home Party, the Economy Minister of the Israeli government, Naftali Bennett.  Haaretz – and other media outlets – have repeatedly wrongly deemed Bennett an extremist.

A Modern Orthodox Jew, he served in the elite Israel Defense Forces Sayeret Matkal unit, formerly served as Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and is succeeding in his role to continue to build Israel’s economy further.   He is already a self-made millionaire, who previously co-founded anti-fraud company Cyota, which was sold for $145 million. Now today, it has been revealed that another Israeli technology company he headed (Soluto) was sold for $130 million – and he will make millions more.  Go figure, an economic minister who understands business?

In an era where Israel is constantly under attack by the world, perhaps there can be no better symbol for the Jewish state than this proud Jew. A stalwart nationalist, traditional Jew, who embodies the Start-Up Nation.  He advocates vocally for the State’s capitalist economy – rightfully deeming the oppositions’ work to fight foreign investors as an “economic terror attack.” He travels worldwide regularly on behalf of Israel’s business community advocating for investments in Israel and further economic development for the Jewish state.

He should be commended for saying as he did in response to criticism from some of his constituents “I am minister of economy and trade of all the people of Israel, and not just of a particular sector. I hope that these good friends understand that there are other important issues, apart from the future of Judea and Samaria (which is very important to me).”

Someone who fights openly and says there must be a balanced view of Israel and Public Relations matters as Bennett has asked “What does the world want from us; what do the Arab nations want from this small Jewish State?”

Naftali Bennett is a man going places – and serving the people of Israel.