“A soul that had never been lost”

בית ספרד

In Naples’ Ancient Jewish Quarter , San Lorenzo, near San Gennaro all’Olmo in Via San Gregorio Armeno, on December 16th, a Chanukka Menorah glittered again after 500 years. The young Yosef lit the candles for the first time in front of a large audience gathered at the Celebration and for the 5773 Chanukka Concert . The district headquarters, once residence of a flourishing Sephardic Jewish Community, still retains traces of Jewish customs, although often the same people are not familiar with the Jewish origins, however are aware that have connections with Spain.

Even passers attended the celebration and traders to observe the ignition off immediately all Christmas Music that had turned into shops. A Thrilling experience which has shown how a Menorah is still a source of respect and joy for all, and that basically the Jewish soul in this district had never been lost. With the “Nerli” singing tune, the crowd gathered even closer to the Menorah while a silence spread thoruthout the street as both traders and passers-by alongside with those who came to the Celebration, got enchanted by the light and carefully listened to the message of Rabbi Barbara Irit Aiello read by Yosef. A wonderful participation so appreciated and shared, shows that many, even those who do not know to have Jewish origins, may have a desire to rediscover them. It is just fortunate that this Old Jewish Quarter can find its own memories, and traditions once again. We are aware of how much Spanish Sephardim have suffered with huge persecutions, however their tradions, for how much fragmented still reside in its Old Quarter.

Chanukka’ Menorah after 500 hundread years

People at the Menorah Celebration

Menorah Blessings

5773 Chanukka Concert

Sepharad Trio

בית ספרד