Social media whether it is Facebook or Twitter gives a platform for free speech.  Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of this platform to spread their hate and agenda with propaganda and lies to demonize a group of people, whether radical Islamist at Pallywood or White supremacist on Twitter.  Both represent antisemitism and anti-Israel very well in social media.  Many might think, “Oh, they are phony” and let it go.  The truth of the matter we can’t, because, in the Holocaust, six million Jews died because it started with a lie.

I have always stated and believed there is a difference between freedom of speech and incitement. Living in Israel seeing everything that goes on in the Holy land and in the media, I fully understand incitement, and how harmful it can be.  For some reason, the Jewish people and Israel have lied about the most of all countries and peoples in media in all forms.

So much has happened in the past 8, and not for the better. Terrorism is at an all-time high since September 11, 2001. Race relations are worse than ever before.  Now with new means of social media, propaganda is easily spread throughout the world.  Since there is a lacking of clear, strong, decisive leadership, there is so much confusion through the different cultures of the world.  Many are aware of Pallywood media, which Hamas controls to be able to spread propaganda on Israel.  They use pics of the Syrian civil war, claiming that it is Israel is causing the destructive horror in Gaza. And we can’t forget the infamous picture of the “IDF” soldier holding a weapon pointing at an Arab child.  To the uneducated eye, you can’t tell the difference.  But for the educated, you can see by the way the uniform was worn and the weapons that are in the pic that it wasn’t a real IDF soldier.

As far as the alt. right white Supremacist in America goes, they are not that much different from Pallywood.  They think if one Jew who speaks out with different views than theirs whether it is right or wrong, they feel they have the right to attack the Jewish people as a whole.    Many white supremacist believe, and I am not joking on this, that the Jewish people are plotting to take over the world.  They justify their Neo-Nazism because of that.  They use Twitter especially for this and they come up with the craziest of conspiracy theories which cause people to get angry and well, start terrorizing Jews that live in their cities.

How can we fight this?  The Same way we fight Pallywood, with facts.  Facts are facts and they are nonnegotiable.  Also, report the Tweet or post because it could have the potential for hurting or possibly killing someone.  And educate.  Believe it or not, yes majority of white supremacist are anti-Semitic, but a lot are uneducated.  However, there are some that just mainly care for the American people and their families.  They do not like the average American getting screwed over by globalist politicians.  You know what; there is a large group in the Jewish community that does feel the same way.   I personally had conversations with these people, and they were shocked that I, as a Jew, have similar views.

These are scary times but we do not have to tolerate incitement or violence.  We can do something about it.  Social media can be used for good, not just bad.  Together if we do it right, we can make the world a safer place.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”  Albert Einstein