Our dear prime minister has become an expert at inspiring the little (internet) people to create memes about him. On Thursday he spoke to the General Assembly of the United Nations and during his speech he pulled out a “diagram” of a cartoon bomb in order to demonstrate Iran’s nuclear program.

Here is my meme on this one (my first meme ever):

My first meme ever. Thanks, Bibi, for the inspiration!

Within minutes there were memes being shared on Facebook, and within a few hours, there were some totally lol-worthy ones. Here are my favorites so far:

Nuclear Physics – not that complicated

At around this point there aren’t any chips anymore and it’s all just air.

And that’s how I killed the Road Runner.

Without red lines it’s like handing the bomb to Iran on a silver platter. (By Laura Ben-David)

And here is my #1 favorite so far:

That’s all Folks!

I think that only a Jewish prime minister, with the fate of his people in his hands, could add a touch of humor when talking to the UN (not a very funny place) about Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Kudos to him.

See the whole speech here.

People, where credit is missing, it’s because I don’t know who to give the credit to. Please write a comment if you know who created these memes, and I’ll add in their names. Thanks.