Yom Hasho’a, Holocaust memorial day, when in Israel we remember the slaughter of half of the Jewish population during World War II, 6 million women, men & child. I must admit that for me, a grandson of four holocaust survivors, this is not just the one day. My grandparents stories and our collective experience has a major influence on my actions and the way I look at life. Veha’avta Lere’acha Kamocha, love thy other as you love for yourself, striving for a better life, justice, Jewish peoplehood and the state of Israel.

Yom Hasho’a is a great opportunity for many leaders to promote the notion of a possible “second Holocaust”. The new Germany is of course – Iran.

As I have written before, I think that raising fears regarding Iran is silly at best, but it serves the purpose of those who promote the story. It gives them a purpose.

I want to write about something I consider a real threat that I believe is coming our way. I believe a wave of antisemitism will threaten the stability of the American Jewish community in the near future, and we should start to address it before it becomes an issue. Of course the Jewish community should lead the way in dealing with the issue, but it is not only a Jewish-American issue. It is also my issue as an Israeli.

The 2008 economic crisis and the involvement of several Jews in it and the constant repetition of those names (Madoff etc.) in the media helped raise some antisemitic sentiments, most of them still “underground”. But more and more people are feeling comfortable talking about it in public, such as this teacher from LA. Even in a live interview.

The involvement of Shaldon Adelson in the Presidential race and his contributions of over 20 million dollars don’t help to suppress the notion that Jews have money and use it to promote their agenda, which is not always the public agenda. The big conventions held by the Israeli lobby AIPAC and the attendance of many high ranked politicians while dancing to the flute of Israel does not help either, and so is the Israeli defiance of the White House on issues such as Iran, expending settlements and other.

Click on the links and read some of the comments. I believe that is the interesting part. In the U.S. contrary to Israel, people have to register and be identified to write a comment. More and more feel comfortable expressing their views that range from being critical of Israel, the Israeli lobby, Jewish influence & money to outright being antisemitic. One writes “I’m sick of this Israeli thing — trying to hold us hostage — on what they want to do. If Israel starts a war with Iran, we should bomb the Knesset, and gently urge them to move back to Europe.” Another writes “The Jews will attack Iran and start World War III. Hopefully the United States will turn its back on Israel and let them suffer the consequences of their actions.”. On another story we read “Unfortunately, the Israeli lobby owns most of our politicians” and “it is that truth the zio nists tyrants of America today are most fearful of, and trying to crush. But American people are waking up and will soon rise up against the enslavement of us all.” or “zio nists own America, period.”

You can read similar comments only in the past 48 hours regarding the story of officer Shalom Eisner here, here and here. It is not caused by right wing extremists like the current Israeli government or its supporters in Adelson or AIPAC, it is also people & organizations who have similar agenda, who are promoting peace, social justice and Tikun Olam who are “helping” those sentiments. And here is another example.

The leadership of American Jewry should wake up now. The solution is not Hasbara, lobby for Israel and definitely not promoting action against Iran, as those are equivalent to pulling the rug under our feet.

Yom Hasho’a is a time to reckoning. A time to learn from the past and a good time to start dealing with reality and the new challenges that stand before us, before it’s too late.