Helping the IDF soldiers obtain Schluckers, backpacks, softshells, gloves, t-shirts, hats, etc is the most rewarding undertaking.

We have been doing it for the last five years with the help of a group of Israel lovers from Switzerland. They come once a year on tour, usually thirty people, some who have been helping already and some who want to meet the soldiers for the first time.  They stay in the country for two weeks or so, during which we arrange for them to visit one or two bases.

We also arrange for them to be able to deliver a gift to the unit when they arrive at the base.  The commander greets the group and spends time to share the unit’s purpose and explain the equipment and weapons.  Then the group has time to interact with the soldiers personally, sharing a meal and asking questions.

It’s an amazing experience for them to get good, truthful information not available in the Swiss media. At the end of their stay in Israel, the group is asked to share what the best part of the trip was.  Meeting the soldiers is always number one.  These people return to Switzerland as ambassadors for Israel and the IDF soldiers.

Click on the link for a picture that will take your breath away.  The woman created the flag and included a heart made from Kfir’s camouflage colors (Kfir is the unit she visited). She shows the flag all over the country and shares why she feels so strongly about Israel and the soldiers.

We need such ambassadors in every European country!