Senator Mark Rubio’s speech is stupendous.  And better is that of Senator Tom Cotton.  Both defended Israel and a future Netanyahu government and portrayed President Obama as the bad guy.

But there was something missing in their review of American support for Israel.

Rubio & Cotton should have mentioned that the US-Israel alliance is actually a US-Zionism one – from John Addams to Woodrow Wilson to Calvin coolidge to Herbert Hoovr to Harry Truman, all prior to state’s establishment.

There is an over 200 year relationship between Americans and the idea of Jewish nationalism.  It is not only Israel the ‘state’ but it is Zionism, that the Jews are a people, they possess a nationality and they have an historic connection to this land.

That is why they both mentioned Judea and Samaria.  That is the Jewish homeland.

The congress can and should be our ally but to be so, all relevant and necessary information about our nationalism must be included.