No one cares

Every time I walk into the library on campus I see the same people. Muslims, Christians, Jews and plenty of atheists or agnostics like myself.
No one cares.

Left-wing, right-wing, chicken wing
No one cares.

Everyone sitting in the library is there to engage in the pursuit of knowledge, constantly attempting to better themselves in order to better their future.

Over the past few months I’ve seen friendships ruined and communities torn apart by politics.

Americans, over Trump and Clinton,
Australians, over Yemini and Hanson,
No one cares.

In the pursuit of science astronauts from America, Russia, China and many other countries work together.

Imagine going back in time and telling Americans during the Cold War that future US astronauts would learn Russian during their training.

In my humble and probably futile opinion, people have to stop bickering and fighting. From every in-group people must realize that they are part of a larger community.

Left/right wing Jews in Melbourne need to stop hating one another and realize that they are part of the same struggle.

People of different religions need to stop hating one another and realize that they are all part of the same struggle.

Regardless of what ethnicity or nationality some line drawn on a map defines you as, people are people; all of us are human beings and that’s what makes us the same.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”
Regardless of whether it was Lenin or Lennon who said it before me, I’m not the only mindless idealist.

No one should care about stereotyping or classifying based on difference or similarity.

The only way forward as a global society is by working together.

So if you want to incite hatred based on difference of religion, politics, nationality, shoe size, or anything else…

Remember that in about 7 billion years the Sun will expand and engulf the Earth,

And then no one will care.

About the Author
Born and raised in Australia, Kovi is currently studying Physics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a research assistant in the field of Radio Astronomy at the Racah Institute of Physics. A strong believer in truth, science, education, and pizza, most of Kovi's days are spent teaching, studying, stargazing, or procrastinating about doing one of the three.
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