No, this is not another one of my long Israel posts or Judaism posts, because although I could relate it & discuss how terrorist attacks like what happened on September 11, 2001 occur in Israel & the Middle East, I believe it is not appropriate, not today.

Today is a day to be proud of my American heritage. Today is a day to reflect on the greatest horror the American nation ever faced. Today is a day to recognize that Americans bonded together & overcame one of the worst tragedies in our history.

When I log into my Facebook newsfeed & read posts by people in Israel discussing how the fight from 9/11  is not over, and we should all work together to stop terrorism in the Middle East & Israel, I agree. But that’s not where my heart is today.

Allow today to be a day of mourning, allow today to be a day of American reflection. Do not use these horrible memories to push your own agenda. At least not today.