Of the hundreds of Jews, mostly Orthodox, whom I know here in Israel, I don’t personally know any Jews who want to eliminate Shabbat, Khagim, the Moadim or any of the Judaic calendar from our national calendar in favor of Christian or Muslim replacements. Most Jews seem adamant in support of a “Jewish” – i.e., Judaic (not racistly “Jewish”) – state; but a Judaic Israel that, unlike today, embraces all of Am Yisraeil. For us, there is no issue of separation of Judaism & State. Rather, the issue is rejection of ruler-ship by a tiny min (sect) of wigged-out strictarians.

It appears to me that most Israeli Jews support a position that is better described, better defined, and would garner more popular support, as separation of Haredim from State, while retaining the basic elements of the Judaic character of Israel (which are easy to define).

Government, beyond protecting a codification of the most basic elements of our Judaic character, should – by law – stay out of religious divides within Judaism – NOT granting government hegemony to any particular expression of Judaism over another.

This would mean “Separation of Haredim from State”; not “Separation of Religion from State.”

I believe that Torah would have a much more palatable flavor to multitudes, and would grow and prosper beyond measure, if we would eliminate the attempt to force-feed extremist dogma of our present religious rulers; dogma that, in practice, is often sanctimonious, condescending, arrogant and abusive of fellow Jews, even fellow Orthodox Jews – dogma that is most certainly NOT Torah.