John McCain and John Kerry quoted quoted the 26 year-old Elizebeth O’Baggy as a Syria expert and used her her opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal as rational for going to war agains Syria. Here is Mr. McCain Here is Mr. Kerry see from minute 2:44

Yesterday it was revealed not only is Elezebeth O’Baggy no expert she is also allegedly a liar. The Institute of War posted on their website that O’Baggy claimed to have a PhD from Georgetown University when in fact she has none. They therefore fired her. This made us think that the government seems to be run by people who are relying on the judgement of a 26 year old fraud to strike another country. But is this really what happened?

Obbagy3Upon further analysis this O’Baggy scandal is much more suspicious than it seems. When I looked back on the web archive of her bio at the Institute of War it did not say she had a PhD at all rather is stated that she was in a joint Master’s/PhD program at Georgetown University and had a bachelors from Georgetown University. So why did they really fire her?


Who is the real liar here? What is really going on?