A man fishes off the coast of Tel Aviv. December 3, 2015. (Esther Rubyan/Flash90)

A man fishes off the coast of Tel Aviv. December 3, 2015. (Esther Rubyan/Flash90)

I love this city
but only with my two eyes
not yet with my mind

I have resided
in three other continents
this is my fourth and last

my heart still longs for
Central and southern Africa
New York and Italy

though it’s in Paris
that I’ve spent half of my life
I no longer miss it

I cannot deny
the city’s magnificence
but France has changed for the worse

this final move
at my age is traumatic
new life, new ways, new tongue

yet, I do perceive
that Tel Aviv is the freest
of all my previous abodes

and it’s the gentlest too
races and religions mix here
even better than in New York

then there is that beach
which stretches all the way to Jaffa
one of the world’s oldest ports

where Arabs and Jews
live and work side by side

Israel is the
most vilified country
on this planet

mostly because of
hatred, lies and jealousy
no, it’s not paradise

yet, it gives so much
to the world for the benefit
of humanity

in agriculture
science, medicine, hi-tech
yet people keep quiet about it

read the facts regarding
Israel and Palestine
don’t be so gullible
to propaganda

I think thus I am
was the adage of Pascal
this is not true here

the Israelis
crave for peace above everything
if they could, they would bury their arms

they are not angels
they shoot when they are shot at

that is what is claimed
by all the anti-semites
specially of the two main creeds

the truth is different
Israelis would not fire
a single shot
if they weren’t constantly attacked

that’s been going on
ever since the country
was created 68 years ago
and even before,
under the British mandate
but those Brits turned their coats
when they left the territory

to Pascal’s adage
I prefer that of an Italian contemporary:
I defend myself thus I am

because if the Israelis
had to wait for the UN’s intervention
there would be a second holocaust

yes, to see Jews not bowing anymore
as they did for 2000 years in Europe
is something new, repellent and unacceptable
to those who were used to watch them being tortured or killed

they have built a proud, strong and inventive nation
which, albeit not perfect, is a light unto the world
and only the righteous, the intelligent
and the knowledgeable understand this