Letter to an Italian friend, after having sent me this link from an antizionist Israeli:   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=etXAm-OylQQ

«Dear friend,

Yes there are many’ truths’ and many ‘lies’ about Israel, and I don’t always agree with what some Jews say or think.  Actually, did you know that they were ‘antisemitic Jews’?  Take Karl Marx, Noam Chomsky, the great contemporary linguist, and that professor at Tel Aviv University, called Sand, who wrote a book saying that the Jewish people is a total fabrication. He is a total fabrication; where does the Bible come from, where does Hebrew come from, and Jesus, the Jewish rabbi – yes he was a rabbi – I have read maybe 20 books on Jesus, and have about 15 different Bibles of all Christian faiths and the Jewish original, of course, since it is the first and major one (3/4 of every Christian Bible is Jewish, only 1/4 is the New Testament)?

See my new comments here below: another ‘truth’, or another ‘lie’, depending on whether you want to believe me or not.  Yes, there are many ‘truths’ and many ‘lies’ on both sides. Did you know that 1 million Jews were expelled from the Arab countries in 1954, starting with Nasser’s expulsions, without a cent, after having lived there for centuries, even longer than the Arabs themselves, who had invaded the area? Did you know that the 10 million Copts (Christians) were in Egypt long before the Arabs, but they now suffer from discrimination, have their churches burnt down, and are fleeing the country by the thousands – I know one family who has settled here in France and who doesn’t want to return to their fatherland ever. Same thing with the Berbers, discriminated against in North Africa, and all the Christians in the Middle East. The only country there where Christians prosper is … Israel, that is one truth I saw with my own eyes.  Why don’t the European media, which I believe is terribly antisemitic,  say these things?

I have many friends in that case, coming from Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East, who were expelled with only their clothes on.  And why doesn’t Europe cry over their Christian brethern who are suffering and  are tortured (if not killed), and instead always accuse Israel of everything?  It’s not only the Palestinians – they never accepted the UN’s share of the country in 1947, now they want it, after so many wars – who lost some of their land, and some of them were, yes chased away by the Jews, when Israel declared independence . The five (5) surrounding Arab countries told them to leave the place and that after having thrown the Jews into the sea they could return.  Unfortunately for them, the little armed 600,000 Jews, many of whom had just escaped the nazi concentration camps, refused to suffer another holocaust!  The truth is: the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims in general want the destruction of Israel, but Israel fights for its survival with their higher technology and their intelligence, for they refuse to be destroyed again, as they were in rotten antisemitic Europe – the continent that invented that malady – and have to defend themselves!

Look at the geography: Israel is smaller than Belgium or Maryland in the US, and look at the millions of square kilometers the Arabs and other Muslims have! So is there no place for 8 million Israelis – 1,5 of whom are Arab Israelis, who for nothing in the world would like to live in an Arab country, since only in Israel have they got freedom of expression and don’t go to jail or worse for demanding their rights or even for insulting ministers.

I will repeat what you will read in my poem below: Many Muslims have the culture of death,  destruction and revenge: see how many thousands of people they kill among themselves, from Pakistan to Mali and Nigeria, not mentioning Irak, Syria et al, destroying each other’s mosques, raping women and kidnapping little girls to turn them into slaves (like Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria – ‘Boko Haram’, which means ‘destroy Western culture’.  Whereas the Jews have the culture of life.  Oriana Fallaci, the great Italian reporter of the Middle East, who once was so pro-Palestinian, realized how wrong she was and wrote books, with the ‘truth ‘about Jews and Israel.

Of course, the ‘gauche caviar’ of Europe, including in Italy, treated her as a racist.

Who’s the racist, tell me, those macho Muslims who, wearing the most up-to-date clothes,shorts and Adidas sandals, force their women to wear the veil and the niqab, and who repudiate those poor girls who get raped (sometimes by their own relatives) from their families, instead of protecting them … and who kill homosexuals, when there are so many homos in the Arab countries, hypocrits that they are!!!

I’ve had enough of antisemites – and even more so if it comes from some Jews themselves -, it is the same viral sickness as homophobia or racism.  It will always exist in every country of the world, from the most developed to the lesser ones, specially where Muslims live.

Now tell me, dear friend, where do you stand in all of this? I wonder, since you sent me the link with no comment. You are free to tell me your truth.»

PS: Let the world know how ‘moral’ the Israeli army is, in spite of all the lies the media in the West, not to mention in the Muslim countries, say. Which army anywhere on this planet, after having suffered 12 years of constant bombing from Hamas (the terrorist organization which rules over Gaza), terrorizing one million Israelis day and night, sends flyers over the enemy asking the population to evacuate their lodgings from where the rockets are launched, so that they won’t be killed?  Who is the murderer here?  While the Hamas, on the contrary, tells its population to remain in their homes. This is to show how little the Hamas values the lives of its people – they love showing journalists poor civilians covered with blood, badly wounded or killed – for those images can only revolt the onlookers.  They prefer death to life.  It’s like an honor to them.

«Look world, how Israelis are bloodthirsty!,”  they claim.   In the meantime, they count their martyrs, for that is how they interpret Islam.  Better to have martyrs than to confess their heinous methods – heinous towards their own, children, women and old people, whom they render defenseless, since, once again, they order them NOT to leave their abodes, when the Israelis give them time to find safety elsewhere.

The BBC has admitted that several of the photos of wounded and dead children the Hamas showed journalists, were in reality taken in Syria, Irak and Afghanistan.  So much for lies and myths.  Do you believe Israelis or ‘normal’ Jews don’t feel sad to see such pictures, including myself?  Poor people, shot in the crossfire!  No innocent civilians deserve such a terrible fate!  But again, why then does the Hamas tell the population not to leave their homes, knowing full well that, since many rockets are shot from the cellar of these very same homes, the Israeli army cannot but destroy them, in order to stop the constant firing and the threat to 3,5 million Israeli citizens?»




by Albert Russo



When Palestinians

kidnap and kill Israeli teenagers

they sing, dance and rejoice

and call the murderers heroes


When Israelis

kill young Palestinians

the nation feels guilty, not proud

and the perpetrators

have to pay for their crimes


Remember 9/11 in Manhattan?

the Arab street screamed with glee

Oh to kill 3000 people in the heart of America!

Did it matter that all religions were represented?

What a fantastic feat did those 

Western-educated Saudis accomplish!


When Israel wiped out

all the Jewish colonies in Gaza

instead of a gesture of reconciliation

the response was rockets, thousands of them,

launched in southern Israel,

and that has been going on for twelve years,

aiming at one million Israeli civilians

day in and day out, traumatising the population


What other country in this world

welcomes in its hospitals, free of charge

civilian enemies with serious health problems

those include Palestinian babies

from Gaza and the West Bank, 

Syrian soldiers badly wounded,

Syria being an awoved enemy of Israel,

as well as patients from all the other 

Arab countries who still have not recognized



On the 15th of July Israel accepted a truce

but the Hamas refused it 

and continued for six hours

to launch rockets towards Israel

aiming this time at 3,5 millions civilians,

including Tel Avivians and Jerusalemites,

thanks to their former Iranian allies

So, who wants to continue the war

and cares so little about its population?  


When Pope Francis prayed at the Security fence

did he know that thanks to it, 

terrorism had almost disappeared in Israel?

you ought to pray for Pope Francis

so that he understands that one cannot compare

the Berlin Wall and the Security fence.


Are people the same all over the world?


Some swear by death, destruction and martyrs

others sanctify life and innovation 

for the good of humanity, 

yet some in the world: the negationists

 and the intellectually blind,

see what they want to see, 

always treating Israel as the agressor.