Of modern genocides, we mostly hear of the holocaust, the most horrific of all with the biggest death toll of systematic mass murder recorded in history. However, after the systematic racial extermination campaign named the Herero and Namaqua Genocide which was perpetrated by the Germans in modern day Namibia, and before the holocaust, the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides took place.

The Germans initiated, practiced and ‘mastered’ the ways of mass killing, and those of racially motivated slaying of innocent people between 1904 and 1907 in West Africa, as they devastated the local Herero and Nama peoples. These horrific crimes are considered to be the first genocide of the 20th century, but unfortunately not the last one.

Herero prisoners of war in German SouthWest Africa in 1904. (Bundesarchiv_Bild / Wikipedia)

The Ottoman Turks growing envious and jealous of local successful, and honourable non-muslim populations of their empire, they decided they can learn from their German friends. The friendship between the Ottoman Turks, and their German counterparts began well before WWI and lasted well beyond the Ottoman Empire, through WWII. The Turkish leaders were more loyal than dogs, they only severed ties with their Nazi German masters and made a meaningless declaration of war against them in February 1945, when they realised that they were losing the war to the Allies.

The Ottoman marionettes, learned the ways of genocide from their German masters. And unleashed their mad dogs on the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek populations between 1914 and 1925 killing well above 2.5 million of innocent people.

In this 1915 photo, Armenians are said to have been massacred in Turkey. (photo credit: AP, File)
In this 1915 photo, Armenians are said to have been massacred in Turkey. (photo credit: AP, File)

This is the same Ottoman Turkish regime that occupied most of the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans. They heavily taxed the Berbers in North Africa and slaughtered those who rebelled and refused their taxes. They kidnapped Christian young boys of 8-18 years of age from their families in Eastern Europe, converted them to Islam and turned them into killing machines for their army, in what is known as Devşirme (Devshirme) which literally means ”collecting”. The Ottoman armies have plagued every land in which they dwelled with evil.

Illustration of the registration of Christian boys for the devşirme. Ottoman miniature painting, 1558. (Wikipedia)
Illustration of the registration of Christian boys for the devşirme. Ottoman miniature painting, 1558. (Wikipedia)

Concentration camps, deportations, starvation, mass shootings, occupation, slaughter, kidnapping… That rings many bells, but unfortunately, not for the Turkish leaders who until now have fallen short of recognising (admitting) these horrific crimes. The Germans, have earned great respect for themselves by admitting their crimes and making huge efforts towards reparations. They have also committed themselves, to this day to educating younger generations about these terrible crimes, in order to insure that history does not repeat itself. But the likes of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, those who are naked of any morality, ‘innocent’ of any form of intelligence, and lacking of any bit of honour continue to deny the Ottoman-Turkish crimes to this day.

© AP Photo/ Vadim Ghirda
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan © AP Photo/ Vadim Ghirda

The same Erdoğan, a paranoid and troubled mad dog, continues to limit freedom of speech in his country through different moves such as jailing journalists. He continues to oppress, bomb and jail the Kurdish minority population and to employ several forms of electoral fraud in order to remain in office, and continue his efforts of radicalising the youth and rolling back democracy in Turkey. Ottoman nostalgic, Erdoğan, believes he is going to bring back the shameful days of the empire, which he -being poor in brains- views as glorious.

A tyrant of the old days, he is lost in this age of change. He dares lecture Israel and the Jews on morality and human rights. Judaism, Hebraism and Jewish philosophy are central pillars in the development of modern concepts of morality, human rights and also in the development of Western civilisation. It is from Judaim that the common perceptions of good and evil in the Abrahamic religions and the civil world have originated. The Jewish state and the Jewish people won’t be lectured by Tengrish nomads, who happen to stand behind much of the suffering of the late centuries.
As foolish as he is, Erdoğan, does not understand that supporting Iranian terrorism like Muammar Gaddhafi did, and barking anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric like Saddam Hussein would get him a fate, very much similar to that of these two. He does not realise, in his stupidity, that lies and hateful speech are not going to make him a leader of the Muslim world, neither will it bring back his lost empire. A puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood, much of his frustration lives in the fact that he is being ignored by both the west and the Muslim countries as well. The west, busy dealing with serious threats like North Korea, Iran, ISIS, and the Syrian terrorist regime, decided to ignore this grumpy big mouth, Erdoğan. However, Netanyahu made a good decision when he chose to fire back at this mad man during his Paris press conference with President Macron of France.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) speaks as French President Emmanuel Macron looks on during a joint news conference following their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on December 10, 2017.

Arabs in Israel vote in transparent and unadulterated elections, and have their representatives in the Israeli Knesset. Some, if not most of these representatives are even anti-Israel. However, their freedom of speech, and their civil liberties are sacred to the State of Israel.

Israeli Arabs, have all the rights an Israeli Jewish citizen has and face no form of persecution under ethical Jewish leaders and independent courts of justice. Israel has an army of the highest ethics, that would open an investigation and suspend a soldier even for taking fruits from an Arab street vendor. In all its wars with its Arab neighbours, Israel never committed anything that could possibly be compared to the countless Turkish crimes of modern history. The Jewish State gave land (Gaza) for peace, but instead it got rockets, terror tunnels, stabbing attacks and killing of innocent civilians by the murderous Hamas terror group- another Muslim Brotherhood puppet and friend of Recep Tayyip.

Jerusalem is the Jewish capital for 3000 years and will forever be. Period. It is worth noting that 3000 years ago, no Turkish sovreignty existed. Perhaps, a historical Turkish capital would be impossible to name, given that Ankara got occupied by the Asian nomads only few centuries ago. Fairly ‘new’ to civilisation, sovreignty and statehood the Turkish leaders throughout these centuries seem to despise all other nations who are deep rooted in the history of the world.

As Netanyahu said, it is not by the likes of Recep Tayyip, that Israel and the Jewish people would be lectured. Or, maybe one day we could listen to them, when courage and honour would grow out of the blue in the hearts and minds of Turkish leaders and we get to see them recognising their crimes, admitting the horrours they committed, allowing their people their basic freedoms, and atoning for centuries of unforgivable crimes. Until that day, however, those who live in glass houses and fragile palaces, should not throw stones at others.