14721448_1259053334162106_3215592545716585992_nSometimes, it’s not the big books that gives you wisdom, but it could be only couple of lines, that can leave an impression on you for life.

In the dirty game of politics, their are only few men and women who take defeat with pride. A recent letter release from the The White House library shows the reaction of President George H W Bush, when he lost elections to President Bill Clinton. While, people expected another war of words between a Republican and Democratic president. George Bush made sure it was one of the historic masterpiece ever written by a politician.

The letter is dated 20th Jan, the first day of Bill Clinton as the President and George H W Bush’s last day the as the President. It was probably the first peice of document Bill Clinton saw as the President of United States, and George H W Bush made sure it was as motivating as it was memorable.

The letter while brief, wishes Bill Clinton amd his family well, Bush went to talk about the hardship of the job as the leader of the oldest democracy in the world. He suggested newly elected, President Bill Clinton not to let critics affect his decision and warn him about the loneliness that might comes with the job.

The last lines are the most memorable as, Bush emphasise the word “our” president. Telling, Bill how regardless of anything anyone says now, he is now the commander in chief. He ends the letter beautifully by saying “Your success is now contry’s success”.

There are not many such beautiful moments in politics. While politics is no gentleman sports, and has always been termed dirty, but George H W Bush showed that how a President can be a great leader even on his last day . He showed true beauty of a Democracy, where there is pride in being a good opposition.

Good men wish best for their supporter. Great men wish best even for their opponents.