I read with interest about the recent snowfalls that have blanketed Jerusalem. Having been through two snowstorms and one hailstorm during my visits to Israel over the years I can picture the scenes in my mind’s eye.

Here in Canada, we are descending into another typical winter with heavy snows and sub zero temperatures. However, this past December we had had unseasonably mild weather in the high teens and with no snow to boot.

However  I thought Israelis might like to know that during the normal course of things, as we endure the harshest of winters here in Canada it provides some respite to cast one’s mind back to trips to Israel and picture the dry, rocky terrain and what for us are late fall temperatures.

The pleasure that this affords mitigates to a certain extent the environment in which one finds oneself.

I take this as a further sign, if one should be required, of how Eretz Israel through it’s sanctity can provide strength and comfort to those in the diaspora.

Though certainly not on the same level, it is perhaps analogous to Torah studies around the world.