Almost all journalists disliking the popular Bibi Netanyahu only proves how far the press in general stands from the population and its wants. This is a serious problem, as in a democracy the will of the public should count for something and the press should help guard democracy.

But there is more. The Left in Israel is constantly attacking Bibi and holding him responsible for all kinds of ills in society. The truth, however is that it’s the Left and the Left alone that prevents taking away these ills. How so?

Bibi can only do what his government will approve. Time and again, he has invited the Left to take part in his government. Yet, the Left has chosen to feel better at blame-gaming than at acting responsibly towards the people who voted for them.

The Left rather all the time complains and screams “scandal,” to get more votes and lavishly paid Knesset seats than take responsibility to lessen hardships of their voters.

Only the most pathetic would vote for parties that do nothing but complain. And then these parties complain of being small and toothless.

This explains most of the noise around Bibi. There simply isn’t more to it.