IMG_102951434173310I woke up in the morning with the news that France is under attack. As per news channels more than 120 people have been killed and countless have been injured with this act of terrorism. France has declared a national state of emergency and tightened borders after at least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris. This bring back the memory of Mumbai attack in 2008, London blast in 2006 and World Trade Centre attack in 2001.

What all these attack have in common is that they were not carried out as a random act of violence but they were coordinated attack carried out with military precision. Could we have prevented this attack? Who will be next India, US or Britain? Is it time we all victims join hands together to fight these cowards? As many question are coming in my head one question is on the top, Could we have done anything to prevent this?, here is what these countries could have done to prevent these attacks.

India- Suffering from terrorism since it’s independence India has always been a soft target from terrorist due to it’s geographical position as well as it’s weak foreign policy. The kind of terrorism we face is not global but local, arising from the state of Pakistan. Though we actively participated in war terrorism with Unites States out effort was behind the curtains and limited to Pakistan and Afghanistan and not beyond that, we fail to realize that to eliminate a problem we need to hit them where it hurt. If we would have expanded our effort beyond our own interest maybe we won’t be seeing this horrific day.

Britain- After 2006 attack on London, Britain understand how even they are not immune to terrorist attacks. A bloody war in Afghanistan and Iraq was the retaliation for those attack, but this did more harm than good, the destabilizing of the region give rise to ISIS which they fail to control and damaged Iraq become a breeding ground for terrorist. Only of Britain have waited to withdraw it’s troop from Iraq until a powerful and stable government is formed there, they could have prevented ISIS from taking Iraq wealth and fund terrorist all across the globe.

United States-The most powerful nation in world woke up on September 11, 2001. It’s was day the whole world knew that form now on nothing will be the same, the world hold it’s breath as mighty US armed forces start eliminating threats from all across the world. A bloody Hi tech war killed the terrorist but failed to kill their ideology. The oil rich Iraq become terrorists bank , the destabilize Afghanistan become their conference room and a chaotic Syria become their recruiting ground. With UN blocking a military intervention US simply sit by and watched as their effort on war on terror become useless. If only US would have waited to withdraw their troops or continue military strikes over the middle east sky maybe Paris wouldn’t have seen this day.

France- France has always been very soft regarding it’s borders, they have been giving refugee a safe heaven ever since the end of cold war. With recent Syrian crises , France should have been very careful of whom they are letting come in their house, maybe if they have been careful regarding whose coming in their country they could have saved these hundreds of people. Being target first time on such a large scale, it will be interesting to see what will be the foreign policy of government after this attack. Though France is not capable of any military action all of it’s own. It can certainly tighten it’s border. The plan of taking in more refugee will defiantly come to halt after this attack.