You’ll cry out for the kindness of the nations for the pity of the Goyim.

Just as you’ve been schnorrers before, you’ll be schnorrers again.

Chaim Nachman Bialik (1873-1934)  wrote these powerful words decrying the helplessness of the Jewish Diaspora existence in his epic poem “In the City of the Slaughter” after the infamous Kishniev pogrom of 1903.

Thank God we live in a different reality now.  Jew-haters have always tried to hunt us and kill us.  The big difference is that now, with the re-creation of our own Nation-State of Israel we can respond and hunt back and defend ourselves.  Jews for the first time in almost two millennia are in charge of their own destiny.   When we say never again, we mean NEVER AGAIN!

Jews are strong – and the world does not like that.

For four days the murderous terrorist entity in the Gaza strip rained down missiles with impunity on the south of Israel.  More than one seventh of Israel’s population was, and still is, constantly living fifteen seconds away from potential death – and the world said nothing.

It is okay for the Jews to be victims.

But when those very same Jews don’t rely on the “kindness of  the nations” and take matters into their own hands, then the world wakes up and gets involved.

It is not okay for the Jews to be strong.

In the words of the sages:  “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”  One thing we have learned in our long history, and through the dark night of exile, is that we Jews only have ourselves to rely on.  As we celebrate the new month of Kislev we are fortunate to remember, in the words of Bialik that we are “The descendants of the Macabees.”  Just as “the few gained victory over the many” in those days, the fortitude of the southern residents and the courage of our soldiers in the Israel DEFENCE forces will ensure that good will triumph over evil in these days!

Photo (c) Tuvia Book, 2012