Such activities will include live munitions training, replicated capturing of Israeli soldiers and mass indoctrination to continue the Jihad against the infidel. Whilst many families will drop their kids off to a variety of summer camps over the next couple weeks to learn about arts and crafts and painting butterflies etc… spare a thought to those embattled, freedom loving residents of Gaza and their thought enhancing summer camps.

We are told that we need to compromise in the Palestinians quest to have a state. We are told that they will use the state to: enhance living standards for all, have a functional rule of law, enhance their health care system, educate their population and to lay down their arms and work with Israel to achieve a lasting peace.

What is amazing is that the UN, EU & a host of other parties are saying that Israel’s actions are the core reason why there is still extremism in the world. The summer camps, arranged by Hamas and its leader Ismael Haniyeh, should offer ample evidence that Israel is not the problem here!

The classic claim from Israel haters would hold if a number of things weren’t a reality; but I only need one and that is that the Palestinian people have never actually been a peaceful people. Their leadership from Fatah all the way to Hamas have offered nothing more than terrorism, lies and corruption at every stage.

So-called moderate, Fatah leader, Mahmud Abbas has informed the world that the State of Palestine would be free from Jews…apartheid? (Maybe the GMB Union will boycott Palestine now). Hamas was formed solely with the aim of the complete destruction of Israel through any means.

There really is none around that could offer meaningful change and as a result, the world leadership press Israel to make paralyzing concessions to make the problem ‘go away’.

Freedom fighters have their place but I would argue that the phrase freedom fighters and Palestinians is an oxymoron. The Jewish people yearned for freedom from oppression and anti-Semitism and a return to its eternal homeland. Not only has that happened but Israel has made major contributions in the advancement of humanity, in spite of their neighbours.

It is a well-known fact that if Hamas and the Palestinians laid down their arms and came to the table, that there would be peace instantly. When you have neighbours that are spewing such vile, filthy diatribe into thousands of little souls, against a legitimate nation as Israel, I frankly couldn’t care less what the world thinks when Israel does what any other nation would do to protect its people.