March 26 inst.-The Washington Times under the headline Obama hopes to aid ‘human progress’ by creating ‘a million young Barack Obamas reported that the former president told an audience at a conference in Japan over the weekend that the Obama Foundation seeks to aid “human progress” by creating an army of political clones just like him. He said: “The single most important thing I could do is to help develop the next generation…If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas. Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

The man’s humility is simply breath-taking.

Just think about it: one million Obamas marching for progress each accompanied by the clones of the former 3-4 progressive, liberal Jewish types, like Ben Rhodes, that were in the Obama White House, cheered on by the J Street youth!

It is liable to be a momentous event. Indeed by far the most momentous event in the history of human progress that will make Noah building loading and sailing his Ark  to face  the flood look like a child’s game.

Instead, DNA being what it is, the Obama’s clones will get cold feet  at  every critical moment, just as Obama did at the last minute in Syria not once but many times and  abandon the Syrians to the care of world’s famous humanitarian Heads of States such as the chappy that led ISIS, Assad, Putin, Ayatollah Khameni,lately Erdogan.

Instead they will beg the Ayatollahs to save them  from the flood, by deploying their rockets and A-bombs to divert the flood. And mark my word, Obama’s former chums, the Muslim Brotherhood and their fellow jihadists will be nowhere near when it all happens. They got bigger and better fish to fry.