A is for appropriation of our identity and history.

B is for boycotting the only indigenous state in the Levant.

C is for colonization of our lands. It also stands for Canaanites: the last remaining Canaanite peoples are the Jews and Samaritans. The Lebanese, who we are genetically very close to, embraced the mantle of the colonizer (in this case, the Arabs). We never did.

D is for destruction and desecration of our ancestral sites.

E is for evil, murderous, supremacist hatred.

F is for the fires that you’ve set to our land, forests, sacred sites, and archaeological artifacts.

G is for greed. Seriously, it’s 1 percent of the ENTIRE Middle East. I think you’ll live.

H is for hegemony, because that’s all the Arab war against Israel was ever about to begin with.

I is for Intifada, because our neighbors would (literally) rather die than accept us as equals.

J is for Jesus is NOT a Palestinian Arab or a Muslim. He was a Jew from Judea/Judah. At the time of his (alleged) birth, the land had yet to be renamed Palestine (after the Philistines, who were Greek sea-faring invaders; their name in Hebrew plishtim means *invaders*) by the Roman colonists, following the Bar Kokhba revolt.

K is for Kotel, the last remaining remnant of the Second Temple complex. It’s NOT an Arab site. How could it be? It predates the Arab colonial invasion by almost 1000 years.

L is for the lies that you tell on campuses, in the media, to the UN, and to yourselves.

M is for the mockery that you make of *actual* indigenous rights/anti-colonial struggles.

N is for never again. When we said that, we meant it.

O is for occupation. Indigenous peoples cannot occupy their own native lands. NOTE: No, this is not an endorsement of annexation. See my article from February.

P is for (anti-Israel/anti-Semitic) propaganda funded by Gulf/EU/ex-Soviet countries.

Q is for queers like myself NOT being thrown from rooftops in Israel.

R is for religious entitlement. “I don’t care if this land belongs to someone else. Allah says it’s mine.”

S is for the subjugation that my people endured under your rule for centuries (see: dhimmitude).

T is for the two Jewish Temples that you built your grand mosque over.

U is for the underground terror tunnels you use to dig your way into Israel and murder civilians.

V is for the vilification of our people, the same way it’s been done for millennia.

W is for the wall we use to keep terrorists out. And guess what? It works!

X is what you draw on maps recognizing Israel. It doesn’t mean a thing, because we’re not going anywhere.

Y is for the young Jewish children and infants you’ve deliberately murdered in cold blood.

Z is for zero Jews left in Judea and Samaria (and the rest of the Arab colonies, and the Gulf states) when the 1948 war concluded. And *we’re* the ones who committed ethnic cleansing?