When Abu Mazen joined forces with Hamas a few weeks ago, I thought it represented a retrograde step but now I find myself wanting the Fatah/Hamas unity government to hold together. I don’t think it will work but my hope is that it does. If we don’t have hope, what future do we and our children have? We have to hope, even if it always appears to be against hope…we have to keep trying, even if it always appears to be in vain. The MO of Hamas is very different from that of Fatah and the PA. There is a massive difference between the PA’s vision of a future Israel and the vision, I think, of the majority of Israelis. It is so easy to say we should give up and accept that we will, till the end of time, live next to each other as enemies but if we say that, we are giving up on our children and our children’s children. We are consigning our children to a future devoid of peace, to a future of risks, dangers, flare ups and bloodshed. The utter devastation felt by parents when they lose children, we must have that constantly in our minds when we think of the future. We must keep praying, we must keep striving, we must keep hoping that we will, sooner rather than later, see light at the end of the tunnel. We have to hope that the Palestinians love their children more than they hate us  –  that is what will bring us together (remembering the words of Golda Meir z”l)