While the Israel-Palestinian conflict has been going on for what seems forever I continuously wonder what the true solution is to this vicious never-ending cycle. We gave up land. We agreed to ceasefires. We freed Palestinian prisoners. We sat down to countless peace talks. We have spoken with Mahmoud Abbas. We have spoken with John Kerry. What else can we possibly do?!

And as I think about this I wonder, “Who are the ones to be dealing with the situation?” So far, the main players in the game have been Israel, the PA, and John Kerry (America). Yet, while a major issue at hand is the ill-treatment of Palestinians, why are they not involved in this process?!

Yes, the Palestinian Authority is supposed to represent the Palestinian people. However, when most of American funding goes into the pockets of top leaders, I don’t believe their main interests are in bettering the lives of Palestinians. In addition, the PA made a pact with Hamas this past April, which only makes the PA a more corrupt and inaccurate representation of the Palestinian people.

So what does a society do when its leaders are corrupt? Start a revolution.

Most famously, in the 1700’s, after harsh taxes and unfair representation, the colonialists fought against the British in the American Revolution which ultimately established independence for the Thirteen Colonies from British rule.

Just a few years later, the French Revolution succeeded at overthrowing powerful monarchies and the feudal system and introduced concepts such as popular sovereignty and inalienable rights.

More than sixty years ago, Jews living in present-day Israel experienced oppression from the British and consequently, Underground groups known as Etzel and Lechi arose to overthrow them. Fortunately, they succeeded and thanks to those young, brave fighters, the State of Israel was established.

More recently, Egyptian protests in 2013 overthrew President Mohamed Morsi after a constitutional declaration was announced which ultimately granted him unlimited powers.

The list goes on and on.

There should be no doubt that the Palestinian situation is an unfortunate one. There are innocent lives being lost at the hands of Hamas. Hamas is using Palestinians as “pawns” in their game of chess.

So why does the world continuously turn to Israel to fix this problem? They pressure us to give up land…to free prisoners…to sit down to peace talks…to agree to ceasefires, etc. My question to the world is: Why is Israel expected to fix the situation? Even more so, is Israel even capable of solving a situation in which the main issue is corrupt leadership on the other side?! Why are the Palestinians, who want a better life for themselves, not taking action?

For example, a woman in an abusive relationship cannot expect an outsider to end her relationship; rather, she must build up courage and walk out on the relationship herself.

So to all the Palestinians who crave a better, more comfortable life: If you believe that your leaders are corrupt, please build up the courage to stand up, speak against them, and START A REVOLUTION. Overthrow Hamas. Overthrow the PA. Elect a leader that truly represents you. Then we can start talking peace.