The Refuge City in Our Mind
The Torah commands us to create
Refuge Cities ערי מקלט
to which an unintentional murderer
could flee and find protection
from the murdered person’s
Avenger (Numbers 35: 22-33)

In our inner being we often can be
“chased” by an Avenger
created by our misdeeds, even the feeling
that we have not fully utilized the talents
and opportunities which G-d has given us.

The City of Refuge of the Mind
(which is also the the month of Elul)
gives us a time and space
to repent and return to our source


According to several commentators,
the holy city of Tzfat (Safed) is located
on or near the biblical City of Refuge for the North
and may be the source of its positive
spiritual emanations and vibrations.
At least this is how I feel
after living there for the last two years.

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