The Narcissist
Moses was commanded to take vengeance and wage
a total war against the Midianites for their causing
the Israelites to sin with harlotry and idol worship.
(Numbers 31: 2)

According to chassidic teachings,
the Hebrew word Midian מדין implies מדון
contention and separation,
and refers to a narcissistic personality trait
which causes one to be very intolerant of others,
leading to שנאת חינם implacable hate,
the opposite of אחדות unity.

If you can discern in the painting the “gestalt”
of someone known and (in)famous,
it is probably a coincidence,
not something contrived or premeditated.

triptych — acrylics on canvas – 26″ x 62″ (66 x 158 cm)
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