Let Syria be divided into separate sovereign nation states according to ethnicity and religion, each nation state governing and policing itself and each becoming a member of the United Nations.  We envision a nation of Sunnis, a nation of Shiites, a nation of Alawis, a nation of Christians, a nation of Kurds, a nation of Druze, and other nations to form in the place of Syria.

Let each nation practice the power sharing proposals that are detailed in the Covenant of Peace, in which executive power is shared in a national executive council of twelve members, each serving only one term, and all aiming for consensus, or as a last resort, for the broadest possible majority rule. In trying to reach consensus, the twelve members can break up into six groups of two, and four groups of three, and three groups of four, and two groups of six.  Decision making by a consensus process is an art that we can learn to master — it requires respect and power sharing.

Let healing begin for the peoples of Syria, a process that requires no violence and no hatred and that will take many years.  With time, a deep and lasting peace that begins at home will come to pass for the peoples of what was formerly Syria, God willing.

We are many we are one.