Education with Torah. There is a lot of animosity between the religious and non-religious. This picture shows how Torah can bring Jews together.

Great place to meet women.
There were a lot of available singles at the parade.

Making the statement that gay people play Matkot too. Matkot is a great beach game where there are no winners and everybody has fun; except for the person walking down the beach, getting hit by the ball.

Hey. I also learned at Kfar Chabad. A good man looking for old friends at the parade.

Most protests have violent Yasam police. A positive is that there were no complaints of people getting hit by Yasam at the parade.

A new style Israeli flag.
I like rainbows. What does that mean?

A protester working on family relationships
and A camera man, waiting for somebody to say something that will represent the whole Charedi/ultraOrthodox community.