My cart and the cart in front of me at the supermarket, waiting by itself, with no person. I am behind the cart asking myself why somebody didn’t make a shopping list. I am also thinking about what they wanted to buy and why they didn’t think about that before they made it to the checkout line.

The woman who came to visit the cart every few minutes. This time she was looking for cucumbers. I believe the time before she was looking for carrots. She went back to find them. She gave me the task of watching her cart while she went shopping. I was very happy feeling useful. Todah Rabbah Giveret.

These people purchased the cart. There is an understanding in Israel that if you put a 5 shekel coin into the cart, it is yours. It is also easier to take the cart, than carrying the groceries home. Rami Levy would not want anybody to hurt their back.

They put in the 5nis. Now the carts are theirs. This is an old Supersol supermarket, or somebody’s home. If this is an apartment building, as I think it is, as I was leaving my friend’s apartment, I think these people are taking advantage of the put in 5nis and take a cart rule.

They put on a lock, as they are rightfully worried that people will steal the carts. As they know, it is very simple; you only have to put in 5nis.