The decorations I bought for my Sukkah. I don’t buy Christmas products, because it is not Jewish, until it goes on sale. I bought it in Meah Shearim. I say, what we religious Jews don’t know, shouldn’t hurt. Let us enjoy the birth of our savior.

` It is very important to check your ‘4 specie.’ The more intense you check them, the more it looks like you know what is happening.

Who is the best checker?
The guy on the left found a discoloration.

I have no idea what to check for. This one looked good. It was big.

That is me using the magnifying glass. I looked pretty cool, like I knew what I was doing. I found the rabbinic certification on the package. I was like the kosher rabbi, checking it, doing my thing. I did not eat the willow branch.

The sales guy helped by checking for me. He said that there was no problem with the dents and gashes in the etrog.

He said that this Lulav holder is kosher (fit for fulfilling the commandment of taking the ‘4 Species’). He said it was in good condition, so it was very expensive.

He was very thorough

In the end, my etrog came in a sealed box, which made the haggling a little more difficult. I was able to bring the price down a little when I showed him the nick on the box’s corner.

After I bargained, I got a great deal. He said it was a great deal and that I ripped him off. That is why he was smiling and laughing.