I am supposed meet my dad here. He said he is at the Kotel.

A teffilin coach. The black-hated man in the front is letting the men know ‘You can wrap them, even though your parents denied you a Jewish education. Just believe in yourself, even if they didn’t.’

One tourist, you can see, made it past the tefillin group and is now feeling guilty for running away from his tradition.





Me, supporting Israel’s cause for more red ribbons. Somebody is definitely making good money off these. The spool probably goes for 20nis. At 5nis a piece, I am thinking a good 20,000% profit.

Tisha BAv, the day that commemorates the lack of care for fellow man which led to the destruction of the Temple, at the Kotel. You can see the homeless children and all these disgusting men are just walking past them. They call themselves devout? Praying? What about social justice and giving a child a home? You and your red ribbons.

This family is squatting at the Kotel. To me, that is religiously wrong.