April 21, 2018 will be the third Shabbat after Pesach. This means we will be looking at chapter 3 of Pirke Avot (translation from Sefaria.org The Sefaria edition of Pirke Avot) as well as the classical commentary of Rabbi Ovadiah Bartenura (translation from Sefaria.org The Sefaria edition of The Bartenura Commentary with community translation):

Many of these mishnayot deal with Torah study and the triad relationship between Hashem-Torah-Israel. The commentary of the Bartenura for mishnah 2,6,9,12, and 14 clarify some of these issues.

Mishnah 2:

Mishnah 6:

Mishnah 9:

Mishnah 12:

Mishnah 14:

The lessons from this week’s study of Pirke Avot are clear. Torah study, faith in Hashem, and doing work for the community of B’nai Yisrael are all part of that triad. In engineering, a triangular structure is very secure because each side reinforces the other. If we , as a People, are united through Torah and a Love of Hashem, then we can survive both the good and the bad.