Tishrei is quite the poetic time when ya think about it (and for those who believe 7 is nature and 8 is above nature – it fits nicely too…):

In Tishrei we:

1. Reflect on our being and our place – Slichot: Confess our mistakes & resolve to correct them 
2. Sound our Shofar: Declare HaShem is King – HaShem is One
3. Fast on Yom Kippur: Cleanse our pallet, physical and spiritual
4. Build and live in our Sukkah: Further exit our personal comfort zone
5. Quake and quiver with our Lulav, Etrog, Hadas & Arava: Take note of nature’s bounty and gifts and be complete as one with her
6. Cry Hosha Na! Help Me HaShem! and strike out with our hadassim: Acknowledge His dominion over all and ask for His grace
7. Complete and begin the Torah cycle once again: Tell our family story and tell it again and again

Then, and only then, can we ask HaShem for rain.

Just sayin…

Chag Sameach and A Very Rainy Year of Blessings To All!!