Political Advocacy and Its Importance for the Land of Israel

Political advocacy is a form of support that aims to influence decisions within the government regarding specific groups or topics. While seemingly understated, this form of advocacy has the potential determine the prosperity or demise of the land of Israel. Israel has formed a strong relationship with the United States over the years, but it is essential that President Trump proves to be up to the task of defending this great nation. In order for this advocacy to be influential, there must be proof of a plan to support the nation. The information provided below will provide an informative view on the importance of political advocacy, and how the US can determine the fate of Israel.

There are multiple types of advocacy, but it is important to see just how influential political advocacy can be on situations. Governments are what hold countries together, and make the rules to maintain a stable environment. With this comes tremendous power, and this power determines how much or little support goes into helping other countries. This includes the providing of money, supplies and weapons. Israel is in great need of all of these things, so with strong political advocacy from the US, these needs can be fulfilled.

It is evident that political advocacy is an essential factor to the survival of Israel, but there must also be a true leader to successfully carry out plans. President Trump has already shown that he plans on showing an abundance of support for the land of the Jews, but he must follow through on these claims. He has announced he intends to pursue a peace agreement called “the ultimate deal”, and plans on appointing his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as his envoy. In addition to these objectives, President Trump has made a number of specific strategies to aid in supporting the land of Israel, providing a strong basis for US political advocacy.

There are various approaches the one can take when attempting to unite Israel with the Arab countries, but Mr. Trump is planning on taking the “outside in” technique. In this method, the President will attempt to get Sunni Arab countries (like Egypt and Saudi Arabia) to stimulate an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. While this system has failed in past attempts, the rising hostility of Iran has laid a common interest between Israelis and Arabs. By gaining help from it’s bordering countries, Israel will have a much stronger chances at success.

Numerous factors contribute to political advocacy, each playing a definitive role in determining the fate of Israel. The country is in great need of weapons, supplies and money, and with strong advocacy from the US, these needs can be fulfilled. The strategies made by President Trump to aid in supporting the land of Israel have provided the basis for political advocacy in the United States. By gaining help from it’s bordering countries, Israel has much stronger chances at success. Ultimately, due to the massive power of the US government, political advocacy is essential in maintaining the prosperity of the land of Israel in the years to come.


About the Author
Joellle Kaplan is a 17 year old high schooler from Miami, Florida.