You know the feeling when you are trying to convince someone something and you feel like you are making perfect sense but you’re just not getting through to them?  It is likely that this is because there are many underlying beliefs and outlooks that form a basis for what you are saying that are not shared by your audience.

I am not concerned that I will fail to convince my readers that the Bennet proposal doesn’t work.  Maybe I will be surprised.  But if the only purpose of my next essay was to demonstrate the impracticality of Bennet’s ideas for the future borders of our country I would not feel the need to give this essay an introduction. I am not only opposed to Bennet’s proposal but I think that it represents the exact opposite of what the destiny of our country should be. Moreover, the ideology behind this proposal is a sick distortion of what it means to be a Religious Zionist.

For this reason I feel that it is necessary to specify certain views that I have on the history and current reality of our country.  All of these have been elaborated upon in my previous blog entries.

1. The way Israel is taught in schools, at least from my experience, does not reflect the reality. There are many good things that our country does. However, as long as people are unaware of the bad things that our country does, they will continue to occur and will eventually be crystallized in their final form under the auspices of Naftali Bennet.   Does Israel have a dark side and if so what is it?

2. The Palestinians exist.   Crawling Through the Maze

3. Some Palestinians are evil and some are not.  It is not easy to figure out what exactly is going on in the heads of all of these people but it seems that it is quite different from what many of us believe.  Moral judgments about a group of people should not affect the way principles of justice are applied to them.  The “Joe Shmoe” Palestinian

4. The legal status of the West Bank, not including East Jerusalem, is belligerent occupation.  This is not an ideal situation but it can remain this way until a better alternative is found.  However, there are rules that apply to territory under belligerent occupation and they exist for a reason. Talkin’ ’bout the “O” word

5. The current demographic divisions that exist in the West Bank did not come about naturally.  Rather, it is the result of a highly discriminatory housing policy that has been going on for decades.  What Lurks Beneath the Complexities

6. Jordan never was a part of the modern Jewish state. Ever.  Mourning the loss of Jordan

7. One day there will be peace.  I very much concur with Matisyahu on this topic. Summer Rain

In the reader responses that are found beneath these articles, questions have been raised over some of the points that are presented.  However I stand by the central thesis of all of them.

A considerable amount of thought, research and passion has gone into these essays and they all lead to the one that I will soon be posting.

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