Listening to President Obama’s State of the Union is simply sickening on so many levels. Top line, for those of you who missed it, as far as the Middle East goes, according to his State of the Union, he will stand with Israel – once Israel sacrifices and gets smaller.

Obama also vowed to veto legislation introduced in the Senate that could torpedo international negotiations over its nuclear program. The bill which would trigger new sanctions tools against Iran should negotiations fail to reach a comprehensive agreement in twelve months time will be vetoed by Obama. Absurd – and of course since Obama has done so well thus far in the Middle East, clearly he’s worthy of trust. 

Obama’s Syrian red lines? Barely addressed. Very vague in terms of how to handle the situation where hundreds of thousands have already been killed. Senator Lindsey Graham said it best “The president really was disconnected from the serious dangers in the Mideast.”

A week after Obama’s landmark address to the Arab world in 2009 in Cairo, Israel’s Channel One TV reported that Netanyahu was told by an “American official” in Jerusalem that, “We are going to change the world. Please, don’t interfere.” And that messianic vision which Israel’s Defense Minister spoke about continues – in spite of the fact that the Middle East is much more Anti-American than it was when Obama took office.

On the heels of this speech, it is interesting to note that The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) released the results of a nationwide survey this month revealing that the vast majority of Americans support Israel on nearly every major issue addressed in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Only 31% of Americans believe that President Barack Obama is a close and reliable friend of Israel, as opposed to 38% who believe that he is not.

Wanting “peace” is great and wonderful – in fairy-tales and movies – unfortunately, in real life not everyone wants “peace.” President Barack Obama has a delusional vision of reality.