The present propaganda war against Israel would have you believe that because we have fewer casualties our response is disproportionate and unjust. According to them, more deaths of Jews will even the score and make this war justifiable. The West would have us conduct this war in Gaza on their terms, to win less efficiently. While you sleep the propaganda machine is churning and spewing out incitement and hatred around the clock. They call it truth and the right to know. Behind every piece of corrupted information is a consortium of billionaires and media moguls; who else can afford to finance and encourage demonstrations and hatred between opposing forces? They like nothing better than we kill each other so they can come in with their contractors and institute a period of benevolent reconstruction.

Excuse me, another siren has just sounded in Tel Aviv…but you know? I won’t stop writing or apologize for a war, I remind you, was started with the brutal killing of three innocent Jewish boys on their way home from school.

I will never forget when we first came to Israel, on a trip to the Golan Heights, seeing the trenches and chains the Syrians built to prevent their poor soldiers from running away and deserting. A report from one defector among the tunnels now being judiciously destroyed in Gaza, said; ‘We were told to report to our tunnel and await orders to attack. After three weeks of living only on water and dates to eat, I couldn’t take it anymore!’. Short of chains, is it not a crime against humanity for Hamas to wage a war without at least providing shelters to protect its own civilian population? But then, where shall they run to if the Jihadists hold all the keys to the city and continue to massacre its own people, en-mass, shouting victory at every turn of tragic defeat. Death is their message and murder their ultimate victory. I suspect ISIS is funding their arsenal and not Iran, as the Palestinians in Gaza are mostly Sunni Muslim.

To trace the origins of modern propaganda, one must go back to the Curia in Rome and pope Gregory IV, to provide missionaries tools for ‘enlightenment’ to disseminate among the infidels. As Desman Tutu once remarked, ‘They came to our land with a bible. Now we have the bible and they have the land!’

In brief, the purpose of modern propaganda according to Goebbels is the propagation of false ideas and facts to destabilize and depopulate the world’s expanding populations. Shut it down. No, better yet, leave it open to flush out the worms…