With pride and optimism I will vote for the Zionist Union on Tuesday, March 17. In addition to sensible, progressive policies for our future, I dream that the discourse with, and the treatment from, our government officials will reflect the decency, level-headedness, and intelligence of the leaders of the Zionist Union.

Just imagine that shortly after Herzog and Livni form a government, they issue these principles and guidelines for all public officials and public employees at all levels, pledging

We are all employees of the people of Israel;

We will treat everyone with respect;

We will recruit the best and the brightest from all around the country;

We are committed to providing high quality services to the public with kindness, compassion, understanding, patience and efficiency;

We promise to enforce the law fairly and justly for all populations and locations;

We will not tolerate the misuse of public funds or property, sexual abuse or harassment, or discrimination of any sort;

We will not tolerate sloppy, inattentive, or rude behavior from any public servant, and will designate a special Ombudsman to handle public service complaints from the public;

We will treat all public workers with respect and will expect the public to do the same;

We will offer the people of Israel a government which daily demonstrates the best of democratic and Jewish values. 

Ah – what a wonderful Israel it will be!