Put Your Flags Back Up

Many of us in Israel fly our flags on our cars and homes during the ten-day period starting before Holocaust Memorial Day and ending after Yom Ha’atzmauth – some┬ámachmirim keep them up all of Iyar until Yom Yerushalayim.

The country at times seems flooded with positive Zionist pride (for those of us who are still proud Zionists that is!)

In light of the need each of us feels to do something active for the kidnapped boys and their families, in addition to prayer and worry, I urge all of us to put our flags back up!

Let’s flood the country with a visible, colorful and loud prayerful shout of unity and Zionist pride in support and solidarity with Gilad, Naftali and Eyal, their mothers, dads and families.

Let’s fly our flags and show our unified support of the government the IDF and the security services who are working so hard night and day to find the boys and bring them home safe and soon.

SO! – Go outside right now and:



About the Author
Michael Cohen of The Galilee Institute for Practical Zionism, is a "Zionist Educator to the Non-Jewish World" and a recipient of Israel's "Reserve Shield" award presented by the nation's Minister of Defense and IDF Chief of Staff. He is the founder of the Jerusalem Nano Bible Foundation and currently serves as executive producer of HEROES UNITY ISRAEL and HEROES UNITY USA.
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