Malcolm Gladwell once stated, and I quote, “it’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being-to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you’re not contradicting yourself on a daily basis, then you’re not thinking.” And God knows I think too much, therefore I’m constantly contradicting myself. I live for quotes and lyrics and intelligent interactions with others. This quote speaks to me because in my previous blog titled, “Titt for Tatt” I wrote about dialogue with Arabs and I thought about neutalizing the acid with kind words and understanding. And I started seeing our leftists viewpoints, pardon my French, that we must kiss ass and appease our enemies. And just this morning when I thought I had this method nailed, I was on the bus with these two elderly women, and a married Arab couple who looked my age. And a fight started between them when the elderly women started yelling at this Arab man for putting his feet on the chair(elderly people find that very offensive here:) So after these women caused a scene and left the bus, I spoke to these people and tried to neutrilize the damage. They said, “its racism” and I said, “these women would have ripped my head off even worse than you,” and we came to this calm place. Then when we got off the bus, I made my statement that the Quran states that we will both live on this land until the end of time, we might as well get along. And then I got a reality check, and a sharp sting in my heart. He said, “things will change. Al-aqsa will be rebuilt.” And my hope for dialogue with these people was shattered. To pieces. And I didn’t want to kill my positive thinking, so I said okay and walked away. And I started thinking again, because that’s what I do. And these thoughts surfaced: these people are determined people. As much as we try to appease them, there’s too many set on rebuilding what their book says. And there are too many people who want us all dead, they even want the lovely ‘yafe nefesh’ left wingers who think spraying them with perfume will make them love us, dead. And there are Western loving Muslims, but most of them believe in the Quran. And we Jews believe in life and we value life. And our Torah, THE Torah, believes in life and also that THIS land was given to the Jewish People. The Torah’s commandments say, “Thou shall not kill.” But in my own words, The Torah says if your enemy kills one of you or rises up to kill you, then you are permitted to kill them. As a Jew and a democratic freedom loving Canadian, I don’t believe in death. But life is a priviledge, and something to respect. I strongly believe we need a system in place to encourage moderism. We pay as citizens of this country 10,000 shekels per terrorist, murderer, rapist, you name it, in our jail system. They eat, watch TV and study Terrorism 101 in our jails!! That’s a lot of money we could be giving to people in this country who value life (from any religion!!) and live as law abiding citizens and believe in our values. Ultimately, that would be THE biggest detterance, as well as reward system in this country. And think about how scary we would appear to the World, and how safe our life could potentially be. The US wasnt any less of a democratic or respected country because of their death penalty. These are extreme times, which require extreme measures.