As CEO of a PR firm who observes the media and often criticizes media bias, the time has come to agree that the concept of coverage of racism against a certain ethnic group is accurate when it comes to Jerusalem.  Where they have it backwards is that the racism which exists in Jerusalem against Jews indeed wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere:

  • Jews are condemned  for purchasing property in Eastern Jerusalem.  Is that not a condemnation of believing in co-existence, as Arabs spur Jews living in certain areas of Eastern Jerusalem.  Jews can buy homes and live wherever they choose in London, New York, Buenos Aires or Sydney – What is the issue with Jews choosing to live in any area of Jerusalem? Surely the peace process must be able to absorb Jews being able to live anywhere they choose in Jerusalem.
  • On the Temple Mount, which Judaism considers the holiest place on earth as it was the site of the first and second temples is the place Jews turn towards during prayer, Jews aren’t allowed to pray. An Israeli Cabinet member (Uri Ariel) had to sneak onto the site this week, apparently because he was concerned he’d be denied entrée’ if he tried to visit formally. Likud MK Moshe Feiglin was recently refused entrée. Imagine if Jews – or lawmakers – in any other country were denied access to religious sites?  Simple racism.

In some parts of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people indeed there is racism which exists and a double standard.  There is severe racism against Jews. Incidentally, one may want to check how many churches or synagogues similarly exist in Arab nations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu himself a few months ago noted that the world’s media has an unfair double standard against Israel. As he said: “This weekend the leader of Hamas, sitting next to the Hamas leader of Gaza, a man who praised Osama Bin Laden, this weekend openly called for the destruction of Israel. Where was the outrage? Where were the U.N. resolutions?” “…when Jews build homes in [Israel’s] ancient capital, the international community has no problem finding its voice, but when Palestinian leaders openly call for the destruction of Israel, the one and only Jewish state, the world is

Every little incident in Israel is front page news, while the twenty people killed a few hours ago in Syria due to a scud attack will be in the news for a few fleeting moments.