That damn oppressive, racist nation of Israel is at it again.

Two years ago, media headlines blared at the gall of Israel objecting to the 60,000 African Muslims who entered the country illegally. While illegal aliens harmed Israel and posed a threat to the country’s security and Jewish character, it shocked the world that the nation objected. While every nation has laws they enforce, in Israel it creates uproar.

Now damn racist Israel is at it again with luminaries such as Peter Gabriel condemning Israel for opposing illegal Bedouin building in the Negev. Go figure, Israel actually won’t allow people to produce their own electricity and dispose of their waste as they see fit? Stealing water – and the country objects. Every single country in the world requires building permits – in Israel, its a surprise clearly for some.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman noted: “Therefore we must act to end the situation in which there are citizens of the country that are obligated by its laws, the planning and building laws, while there are other citizens that make a mockery of the laws and through violence have created a situation whereby the law doesn’t apply to them. This is not a social problem or a housing shortage, but rather a struggle over land, like that which already began in the 19th century with the foundation of the first (modern) Jewish communities and has continued since. Since the ‘tower and stockade’ (Zionist communities built overnight during the British mandate) period nothing has changed.

We are fighting over the national land of the Jewish people and there are those that intentionally try to steal that land and control it by force. It is impossible to close our eyes and run from this reality. The government must address this issue and act in an appropriate and synchronized fashion, at all levels, to deal with it, for otherwise in another generation we will find ourselves in an impossible situation. Building permits are not only [required] for Jews!”

The Jewish nation is under siege on a daily basis – from Iran, from Palestinian Arab terrorists – and today from Bedouins with the worlds support. The State of Israel, with only 8 Million people, 25% of them non-Jewish uniquely attracts condemnation from the world.

Being condemned for stopping illegal immigrants and illegal building – every day it is a new challenge for the State of Israel.

Ronn Torossian is a New York based public relations executive.