Owning a PR Agency isn’t an easy task – trust me, as CEO of 5WPR I know as well as anyone. where all things business related seem to be more difficult than in the United States. All that said, was astounded to read an article in English attacking Rani Rahav, the undisputed king of Public Relations firms in Israel.

Anyone familiar with Israel’s business community knows Rahav’s name – indeed, he is very well-respected in Israel amongst the who’s who of the country. I have had a few encounters with the man and have found him to be professional, courteous and indeed well respected.

While I don’t know enough (or even a little) about the situation, was amazed at how harsh ousted Labor Knesset Member Daniel Ben Simon was in his description of Rahav  Despite his lack of appeal and charisma, he became the country’s undisputed king of public relations and advertising.” No charisma for a man who has built such a tremendous business? Doubtful. How’d he get to where he is? Simon is really over the top with this forceful condemnation.

Ben Simon devoted an entire paragraph to a rant about a Facebook boycott against Rahav and really was over the top in his anti-Rahav hyperbole.

Simon claimsReally? Coming to an end? One of the most successful professional services industry businesses is coming to an end? Give me a break. On January 19th a description of the announcement that Justin Timberlake is coming to Tel Aviv read “PR guru Rani Rahav and his team, at a press conference packed with video, flash and softball questions, announced the details of the pop prince’s much-anticipated concert on Sunday morning.

Part of business is crisis and problems occur, and perhaps Rahav’s business will be affected. But, some balance should be required, and PR firms shouldn’t always be the convenient whipping boy.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations executive – who has no business with Rani Rahav whatsoever.