I’m an official “old guy” / A.K.   An arts agency made a documentary about roots music in Ohio, and a bunch of baby-boomers — including me — was the subject.

We were on the porch, picking away at authentic instruments, so to speak.

Meanwhile, my “old guys” — Muddy Waters, Dave Tarras, Mickey Katz — are dead.

I saw a 92-year-old piano player recently. He wasn’t dead.

I still get nervous when I play. Good, I’m not dead.

I played at Nighttown, a Cleveland jazz club, for an “old guy”/ A.K.  DVD-release party. Something like my 1,028th Yiddishe Cup gig. I played “Nelika” in 7/16 time. I didn’t take the repeat. I was so ahead of the game. I was nervous. Always good to be nervous.