There will be those of you who get offended by this. I believe that if you are offended, it is likely that this has made you see something within yourself that you don’t like.

That is on you. Not on me.

If you read through this entire article and are still offended, and we are somehow connected, feel free to unfriend me, delete my phone number, or generally act as if I don’t exist…we will likely both be better off….

I am mad (angry) because the world has gone mad (insane). And this flame of madness is being fueled by “righteous” celebrities who have a platform to spread their “righteousness” to the masses.

If you have posted any Anti-Israel sentiments during the last month, I have news for you…

You are not pro-peace. You are not righteous.

…Although I am sure you feel like that is what you are being.


If you cared about peace you would cry out about a REAL genocide happening in Syria (I’m looking at you Penelope Cruz). But you keep quiet…because it isn’t Israel doing the killing in cold blood.

If you cared about peace, you wouldn’t wait until Israel defended itself against rocket fire from a terrorist organization while surrounding Mid-East countries keep Palestinians in camps. But you keep quiet…because these are not Israeli “camps.”

If you cared about peace, you would cry out about Russia coming into a neighboring country (a country that actually exists – unlike Palestine…ever…sorry Russell Brand) and forcefully taking land. This incited violence – people beating each other to death in the streets and setting buildings full of people on fire. But you keep quiet…because it isn’t Israel “annexing” land.

If you cared about peace, you would cry out when terrorists from the same region of Gaza came into Israel to blow up CIVILIANS on public buses. But you kept quiet…because it was Israelis dying, not killing.

No. You focus on Israel.

Maybe it’s because it is the easy target and it helps you go to bed at night thinking you actually “care.” You are selfish. You are a hypocrite. And you should feel bad about yourself.

Maybe it’s because you look on the surface, see the death tolls – which are horrendous, of course – and pick a side solely based on numbers. Then you don’t understand the nature of the conflict. And you should feel bad about spreading propaganda without understanding what is actually happening.

Maybe it’s because you feel that Israel shouldn’t exist. It’s very likely that you don’t know your history and the fact that Palestine never existed as a country but was rather a territory belonging to BRITAIN…and Israel was formed under BRITISH mandate. As a Brit, Russell Brand should probably know that. But that requires opening a history book.

Or maybe, and more likely…

You are an anti-semite trying to cloak your hate mongering under the guise of peace as so many have done in the past. If this is you, you are not only a hypocrite, but an evil one at that.

So how about this…if you pretend to care about peace…how about doing it across the board?

Do you value a Palestinian life more than a Syrian life…or a Ukrainian life?

I feel terrible that innocent people are dying…in many places.

That includes Palestine…and Syria…and Iraq…and Ukraine. But you…no…you don’t care about peace. You only care that Israel may have done something wrong.

The world has gone mad. And if you have posted any Anti-Israel sentiments while ignoring the rest of these horrendous events that are happening at the same time, it is likely that you have gone mad with it.

Well done.