Some news outlets only report LGBTQ news around Pride Week. Some never. But the Jewish and Zionist media that I follow together had a fairly rich offering of LGBTQ news in the past few days. Here’s the list, with some comments.

First some fun events:

Jerusalem to host Israel’s main gay pride parade — report (Taking the torch from Tel Aviv.)

Global event held in Buenos Aires for LGBT Jews (No, this was not held for LGBT Jews but their world congress, organized by themselves.)

Horror from outside of Israel:

Chechen Authorities Are Killing Gay Men, Russian Newspaper Reports
Homosexual Chechen men share stories of mass arrests, abuse


Meanwhile, on a smaller scale, danger may lurk in unexpected places:

Man sentenced to 11 years in Dutch prison for cyberbullying

Guy meets men Grindr app and attacks them (Not all men who have sex with men (MSM) have a homosexuals orientation and/or certainly must be nice to meet.)

AIDS is no longer a death sentence but still safe sex is a must. Sad that this is still needed but good that irresponsible guys are helped:

Health Ministry to contribute to condom distribution in gay clubs

Religious authorities continue to shock and endanger:

Imam calls for murder of homosexuals (Compassion for homosexuals means killing them. His tone is the sweetest. Eerie.)

Attorney General frustrates Defense Minister, protects yeshiva (Israel allows the rabbi to call homosexuals perverts. He only regretted his tone. See about tone the previous link.)

Rabbis convene in Jerusalem to discuss homosexuality in national-religious community; Gay challenge from a Torah perspective (About them and without them. It doesn’t get more silly and paternalistic. Those who know what they are talking about seemed absent – or too scared to open their mouths.)

Biting anti-Zionism continues to plague Gay circles outside of Israel:

Gay Israel Activist Rips LGBT Student Group After It Pulls Support for His Event to Show ‘Solidarity’ With Palestinians

Ohio State Hillel drops Jewish LGBT group for co-sponsoring event by pro-BDS group

It can be difficult in Israel to get one’s GLBTQ material printed:

‘Individuals must maintain freedom of conscience’ (See you in court.)

Gender confusion: Suit filed for refusal to serve heterophobes (The lay-out editor wanted to be witty but lacked any knowledge. So this item about a transgender group received a heading as if it concerned homosexuals.)

Reconstructionist rabbis affirm full inclusion of transgender, gender-fluid Jews (Those who were not too shy to reconstruct their religion, certainly should accept those who want to reconstruct their bodies – tong-in-cheek.)

Answering The Transgender Son (blog post)

Italy beckons for Gaul comic heros [sic] Asterix and Obelix (The in-depth article completely ignores the constant mocking, abuse and bullying of the only effeminate man in it, Cacofonix, whom everyone hates. This is not to whitewash its frequent racist and sexist stereotyping. Tainting an otherwise hilarious comic.)