One of the continuing mantras used against Orthodox Judaism in Israel is that they “do not recognize all forms of Judaism” 

It is vital to note that the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel certainly do not recognize all forms of Judaism.

The Reform movement in the US, which my family on my Mom’s side was involved in for two generations, has adopted standards such as allowing interfaith marriage and recognizing Jewish identity through the father and not through the mother.

I always remember my grandfather, a proud Reform Jew, saying that the Reform Movement in America represented a bastion against interfaith marriage.

Now even the Conservative synagogues are beginning to welcome non Jews.

In Israel, things are different.

The Reform In Israel will not recognize patrlinial descent nor will the Reform in Israel allow their Rabbis to perform interfaith marriages,

The real dilemma is that American Jewry has formed its own religion which has no home in Israel – And that includes the 64 non Orthodox synagogues in Israel.

An old friend of mine has a PR firm which fund raises for Conservative and Reform synagogues in Israel. 

I asked him about whether he promotes the positive contributions that Reform and Conservative movements have made to Israel. His answer was short and sweet:

“Are you kidding me?We rake in the dollars by bashing the Orthodox”